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Rugged Brake Parts Cleaner

RUGGED BRAKE PARTS CLEANER is a premium quality solvent that cleans all types of brake parts such as brake pads, rotors, drums, disks, calipers and related equipment.

Rugged Heat Transfer Oils

RUGGED HT Heat Transfer Oil is an extremely high viscosity index premium heat transfer oil with excellent stability. Rugged HT contains rust and oxidation inhibitors, a select anti-foamant and state-of-the-art, anti-wear chemistry. Rugged HT as meets or exceeds Denison HF-2 specifications.

Rugged All Season Synthetic Blend Motor Oils

RUGGED ALL SEASON Synthetic Blend motor oils provide excellent protection against engine wear, rust, corrosion, oxidation, and thermal breakdown.

Rugged Zinc Free AW Hydraulic

Rugged™ Zinc-Free AW Hydraulic Oil is high quality zinc-free hydraulic oil offering excellent oxidation protection with a unique zinc-free anti-wear additive system

Rugged 400 Engine Oil 10w30 and 15w40 

Rugged 400 Engine Oil meets all current emission standards.  Rugged 400 SAE 15W-40 meets the API classification CK-4/SN.

Rugged 400 5w40 Synthetic

Rugged 400 5W40 Full Synthetic Engine Oil Is fully formulated with synthetic base stocks, including PolyAlphaOlefin (PAO) synthetic base oil.

Rugged XL 400

Rugged™ XL 400 Coolant & Antifreeze is a high-quality, ethylene glycol-based engine coolant recommended for a wide variety of applications.   Rugged™ XL 400 will provide maximum cooling system protection in virtually any car or truck. 

Rugged Multi - Vehicle 

RUGGED MULTI VEHICLE ATF is a synthetic blend ATF that is designed for use in automatic transmissions in most domestic and import passenger cars and light trucks. RUGGED MULTI VEHICLE ATF provides superior thermal stability and anti-wear protection.

Rugged Euro 75w90

Rugged EURO 75W90 is a premium quality, semi-synthetic gear lubricant with a high VI to provide continued protection in extreme temperature operations.  Rugged EURO 75W90 meets API GL-4 specifications, and exceeds all specified shear stability requirements for manual transmission fluids.

Rugged Final Drive 60

RUGGED FINAL DRIVE and AXLE OIL is a superior quality lubricant designed to provide improved gear and bearing life in final drives and axles in off-highway equipment.

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