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Colorado and Arizona Petroleum Mission Statement


Colorado Petroleum Products Company’s Mission Statement is to generate growth for its investors by providing excellent product quality and service to its valued customers. A key component in its Mission Statement is the establishment of CPPC products as a recognizable, value-added line of petroleum products. CPPC has committed its company and its employees to the objectives listed below to attain its Mission Statement goals.




• Respect and protect the environment of our organization and our community.

•  Acknowledge and recognize the dedication and service of our employee.

• Provide our employees with a benefit package that includes health, vision, dental, etc. 

•  Safeguard the health and safety of our employees and community.

•  Support the community through our active commitment and involvement.

• Provide our employees with the resources to produce value-added, quality products and services. 

• Implement ‘risk management’ practices and plan/do/check/act (PDCA) process techniques.

• Communicate to our employees the ever-changing requirements and needs of our customers. 

• Establish and maintain partnerships with our customers and suppliers.

• Commit to providing our stakeholders with profitable return on investments.

• Monitor and measure defined performance objectives to assure customer satisfaction, organizational performance and continual improvement of company operations.

•  Benefit from the implementation and practice of the total quality management principles contained in the ISO 9001 (2015) Standard.  

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