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Technical Bulletins and Lab Resources

Here at Colorado Petroleum we take quality seriously. From our base stocks, to our equipment, to our team members. To set yourself apart from the rest you need to be the best. So to ensure our products meet and exceed all expectations, we have a full service lab in house. We put all of our products through the most rigorous testing to make sure you are only getting the best. Have a question? Use our Oil Advisor guide,located at the top of this page.


Need more assistance? Call our in house Lubrication Engineer, Jack Snavley,  located in our Denver office and we can get you all the answers you need so you can stand behind your job. Or shoot him an email below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Wondering what oil you can put in that old pickup you have outside? New sports car needing its first oil change? Check here to find our recommendation.




Being ahead of the curve and becoming a tool for your customers is what will set you aside from your competitor. Use these articles for your knowledge, for your team info and so you can be a resource for your customer.


As a customer of Colorado Petroleum, not only are you receiving a product that exceeds requirements. But you are also getting the backing of a full lab and your own Lubricant Engineer along with a staff of experienced professionals ensuring the products going into your investment are not only meeting requirements and doing there job, they are protecting and furthering its life.

Oil Testing

  • MRV and Brookfield

  • Viscosity @ 40c and 100c - Viscosity Index

  • Specific Gravity

  • Cold Crank Simulation

  • X-Ray Flourescent

Fuel Testing

  • Cold Filter Plug Point

  • Fuel Tank Test

  • Biocide Treatment

  • Cloud and Pour Point

Antifreeze Testing

  • PH

  • Refractive Index

  • Specific Gravity



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