The Pricing War! Is this a war you are ever going to win? Everyone and every company needs to make a buck. But at what cost? Is it cutting corners so that you can make more while your customer receives less? Some may go this route. But who wins? Not your customer, and definitely not you. Will that customer have trust in you to provide them with the best service? Or will they just price shop you again the next time they are in need? Will they come to you when an issue arises and they are at a loss on how to fix it? Or will they just price shop you again for the next cheapest, and excuse my French “half assed option”? Have you taken the time to build that relationship with them and taken the time to build that trust? Ensuring them that you ARE the best shop to visit, that you are the BEST one for the job and that you have there concerns and investment as there top priority?


We as a company are also faced with this very question. Our customers are our number one priority. Many of the companies we service are family owned businesses as well, just like us. They have families and they have employees they need to take care of. And we must ensure they are getting the very best product along with a company who will be standing behind them 110%! There is no room for error or to cut corners when it comes to someone's investment, whether it be the vehicle that gets the kids to school, to your job, the tractor that keeps your farm running or the truck that hauls materials from one point to the next. One thing is in common.... they are a much needed and valuable tool.


I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for. If you need something to just get you by, I am sure you can find something to get you there. However, if you are someone looking to ensure longevity, protection, guarantees, and the science and tests to back it up, we can help! There are some instances where we may be the most cost effective, and there may be times we aren't. But we can guarantee you will always have a product that is backed by the best additive packs, and a product that has gone through some of the most rigorous tests  in the business, along with a company that stands behind you 110%.


Please reach out anytime, our onsite Lubrication Engineer is always willing and able to answer any questions you may have.




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July 23, 2018

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